Saturday, April 07, 2007


So, what technologies does Gartner, Forrester and the Burton Group use?

Enquiring minds would love to know whether Gartner uses 100% of all software that appears in the magic quadrant for their internal systems...

I am really curious to know what they use for ECM systems (if at all) and whether they have considered use of Filenet, Documentum or even Alfresco for managing documents? I have observed that they have some sort of entitlements model to protect their content and would love for someone to tell me their protection-scheme at a high level. I know it isn't based on XACML since the vast majority of ECM vendors still think we are in the days of client/server.

Other than Redmonk who has been 100% open in terms of use of open source, wouldn't it be intriguing to learn if these guys also run GNU Linux or have infrastructures that are 100% based on Microsoft technology? Since Gartner has lots of industry analysts and are a public company, I would think they have some form of identity management platform?

Maybe someone from Burton Group such as Dan Blum, Gerry Gebel, Bob Blakely or others could tell me when their site will be integrated to support CardSpace? Don't just provide wonderful coverage of user-centric approaches, live it!

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