Friday, April 06, 2007


Links for 2007-04-06

Today is a wonderful day to pray, fast and be charitable...

  • Why business rules? A curious reader asks...
    Sadly the user wasn't from the Smalltalk community which needs a rebirth so as to move away from legacy thinking

  • Documentum + Microsoft:The HookUp- How Does It Affect You?
    Maybe Microsoft could teach Documentum and other ECM vendors about cool technologies such as Cardspace, Web Services and deep integration with Active Directory?

  • Weblogic Server 10 Summary
    Interesting to observe there is still innovation happening in J2EE containers

  • WS-Federation Roundup
    I predict by end of 2008, WS-Federation will be more widely deployed than SAML.

  • Why Governing Open Source is critical
    From noted industry analyst Alex Fletcher

  • Rosa Parks Rides the Enterprise Service Bus
    I wonder if folks from Sonic, Capeclear, ServiceMix and Intalio have read this blog?

  • Delta Airlines pull out from Daksh
    Finally, an airline that realized a successful business model may require not outsourcing to India

  • The Want vs Reality Gap
    If you are within an enteprise that does outsourcing, you should email this link to every employee

  • How did we become a Dilbert cartoon?
    It is interesting that even IT executives read Dilbert. IT devolved when someone bonehead in HR believed that in order to manage IT people, you didn't need to be from a technical background

  • The Past vs The Future
    Finally, thoughtful analysis in the blogosphere

  • Corporate IT Unleashed
    A blogger discusses the mental disorder of locking down desktops in enterprise environments. I wonder if others have thoughts?

  • First Proof-of-Concept iPod virus
    I wonder if I should start noodling the creation of an open source iPod firewall?

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