Thursday, April 05, 2007


Links for 2007-04-05

If there is a charitable bone in your body, please consider giving charity to SOS Children's Villages...

  • Securing a Sidebar Gadget with Windows CardSpace and WCF
    If you aren't familiar with Google Gadgets, you should be...

  • Securing your SOA
    If you will be in NYC at the SOA World Conference, you need to pay attention to session by Sekhar Sarukkai who is absolutely brilliant. You will walk away with insights that aren't talked about by other SOA bloggers

  • I’m Completely Stoked With the State of Open Source Software…
    One individual who has figured out something that enterprise architects should already know but have otherwise been asleep at the wheel

  • IT modeling with SML
    Michael Cote of Redmonk has been on a roll lately posting lots of interesting insights that enterprise architects should be reading. We need to put him on blast

  • Some execs are more equal than others
    Silicon Valley is an interesting place which makes me glad I do not live on the left coast

  • It’s not my job to stroke your ego and keep you entertained
    Feels like she misses her job in corporate America

  • Do commercial open source projects need an office?
    I wonder what it would take for Dana Blankenhorn to ask a different question like do commercial open source projects need to figure out a way for end customers to not only pay but contribute?

  • Practical SOA - Service Firewall pattern
    Gunnar Peterson is one of the smartest security professionals in the blogosphere. You should proactively add him to your blogroll

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