Sunday, April 01, 2007


Kathy Sierra and Violence against Women

Last night, I ran across my friend and his wife who is a teacher at an inner-city school. She mentioned to me that she read my blog about Kathy Sierra and had several thoughts on her own. First, she mentioned an interesting experience she had twice that week in that she had to break up fights between two girls. She couldn't recall the last time she observed a fight between two boys in school. While she didn't have any statistics, she was of the belief that girls fight physically nowadays more often than boys. This of course begs the question of whether women who grew up in suburbia (I assume Kathy is from this background) should study the fine art of pugilism?

She went on to use as an example women in other countries. For example, she said that women in Israel learn how to fight and that automatic enrollment in the military is a good thing in that it develops character extremely lacking in American women. Pictured above is Miss Israel who not only is gorgeous but also knows how to bust a cap in your bleep.

She preceeded to ask me about my significant other and how I thought she would react which I thought was a fair question. She is small in stature and one of the most timid folk you will ever run across. Yet, she at an early age learned Eagle's Claw which is the same style that infamous Pai Mei of the White Lotus Cult used to kill over 70 Shaolin monks. One of her cousin's is a Karate champion in the Caribbean and another a high-ranking member of the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu clan. Her best practice though probably came from fighting with her three bigger brothers and two sisters while growing up.

Adding onto the fact that if someone wanted to run up on her while I am not at home, they will meet a Colt Detective 38 Special loaded with Federal Hydrashock's. Besides, it wouldn't matter because I would be there for her and they would have to go through me first. If you met me in a non-work context, you would know that I am no nonsense. This does beg the question of where is Kathy Sierra's husband/boyfriend and why isn't he there to do his duty?

Where is Kathy's family? Why aren't they there to help unless they too are cowaring? Am I the exception or the norm when it comes to having both friends and family who are ready to catch a case for the right thing at a moment's notice? Back to the teacher for a minute. I hate to be guilty of reading into her statements but believe she was hinting the need for American women to step up and gain equality at all levels and not just in the work world.

While writing this blog, my significant other chimed in and stated that while on average men are physically superior to women, reality states something different. My wife can bench press more than her own weight yet during a recent trip to the gym, I observed several men working out who were struggling with less than she could lift. Her thinking says that equality is becoming possible in that men in America are becoming softer. Think about how many men who can't bench press 130 lbs and you will get the point. As American men get more sissifiedsensitive then equality becomes within reach for all women...

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